Aria, is our main protagonist in the web series. She’s your typical somewhat bubbly college student. Headstrong and loyal, you can think of her like the girl-next-door who happens to be the captain of the college volleyball team. She’s into cute things, drinking copious amounts of coffee and reading manga with a special fondness for BL manga.

However, that’s mostly a facade. After some traumatizing events in her life, Aria keeps up this front to hide her depression, insecurity and fear of failure. Deep down she seeks closure for the events that happened and trains herself so she can one day seek justice on the people that wronged her.

Even though she’s one of those girls will fawn over cute puppies. Piss her off before she get’s her morning coffee and she will kill you!! O__O (editor’s note: pretty sure we all know a few people like that!)




Aria’s BFF. Tall and handsome, Ed melts hearts and has a thing for flashy clothes and nice shoes. Women love him and men like hanging around him. He’s “that guy”. Although what’s strange is even though he’s a ladies man through and though, somehow he’s still single.

Coming from a long line of nobility that has served the Lords of the Land for generations, Ed is the “Seventh son of a Seventh son” in his family. Because of his special status, he’s rather sheltered and is a bit more than “naive” when it comes to the rest of the world.

He met Aria as a child playing in the dirt or at least that’s what he like’s to say. In reality, he was getting bullied by a bunch of kids and Aria just happened to be there to kick their asses, but he won’t admit to it. The playing in the dirt part happened after ’cause he had cool toys and his mom gave extra cookies for his “friends” that he didn’t have.

Ed is probably one of the coolest guys you’ll ever meet. He will totally be your best wing man at any party or the perfect fake boyfriend to show your parents to get them off your back. He is however, confident to the point where he seems arrogant and sometimes forgets that “normal” people don’t have his privileges. Because of that, he is often seen as being a snobby jerk but thankfully Aria is usually around to break reality to him (usually with a swift kick to the shin or a smack to the head.)




What show is complete without someone broodingly mysterious? A former Mozhno girl that was sold and traded(feel free to look that up), Tatiana’s got a thing for knives and no one is sure if she’s just a hardcore drink mixologist or a mad scientist because of her fondness for experimenting with sometimes poisonous or hazardous chemicals.

As the bartender at the Bloody Elle’s tavern, she has no problems dealing with drunks and has earned the respect from all the patrons as no one has yet, managed to drink her under the table. If she ever slips something in your drink though, it’ll either be the best thing you’ve ever had or something you’ll regret for a while.

She’s got the elegance of a lady-in-waiting, the grace of a ballerina and the rapier wit of a snarky professor on exam day but, for some damn reason she tends to have the resting b!tch-face thing going on 24/7, making her hard for anyone to approach. Not to say she doesn’t smile and laugh, but she’s one of those people who always looks serious even when they’re not. On the flip side though, the folks that earned her friendship have someone that’s loyal beyond anything as she will do anything to help.


Sinclair & Book


Sinclair is Tatiana’s adopted younger sister. Adventurous and full of energy, she’s a twelve year old with Kawaii turned to eleven. While she can be a bit girly at times, she’s fearless with quite an imagination which tends to get her into a lot of trouble. You can totally envision her sneaking into Tatiana’s room in an imaginary secret mission, battling monsters in an attempt to recover a legendary book on Tatiana’s shelf labelled “Tantric Secrets”, only to get within arms reach before BAM! “an angry boss lady suddenly appears!!” and is immediately kicked out of the room.

Like most young girls, she’s got a huge crush on someone, except in our case, it happens to be Ed and she will do everything in her power to stop him from meeting other girls. Imagine being Ed for a minute trying to ask someone out on a date. Things are going good until some 12 year old runs up to interrupt your conversation saying, “Daddy!! Mommy is having the baby now, we need to go!! Hurry!!!’. As your being dragged away, the person you were just talking to looks at you with disgust and leaves. The kid? That kid would be Sinclair c*ckblocking you and you just got owned… again…

Book is literally Sinclair’s magic book and the two are totally inseparable. What makes book interesting is that instead of being the typical magic book that acts like a grumpy old dude, Book for some strange reason has the personality of a cute five month old puppy.

For the most part, Book acts as the voice of reason for Sinclair, but like most puppies, Book tends to run off chasing things it finds interesting. This often leads to Book getting Sinclair into trouble as much as often as it tries to get her out of it. We don’t call these two the trouble making duo for nothing!