The Web Series

[ Kickstarter Campaign Successfully Completed on 31 August 2016!!! THANK YOU ALL WHO HELPED MAKE IT HAPPEN! ]

On 01 August, 2016 we launched the Kickstarter campaign to fund the first two episodes for the Abyssian Knights web series. On day 28 of our 30-day campaign, we crossed the finish line and by day 30, we successfully completed the Kickstarter campaign with 106% of our total funding goal.

While the amount raised didn’t reach any of the stretch goals and is definitely far below what would normally be needed, it was enough to allow us to start bootstrapping production. Our goal is to deliver the first of two guaranteed episodes around August 2019 with the second episode following shortly. Once those are delivered, if the reception is good we may do a second round of funding to complete season one, otherwise we will just release additional episodes whenever we can afford the time and money to do so.

If you missed the original Kickstarter campaign but would like to help the project by making a pledge, you can do so on the project’s IndieGoGo InDemand page(Now closed).

Many thanks go out to all the individuals who helped make this happen.